Bandolino Castalina Boots as worn by Emma Stone in Zombieland

November 6, 2009 • By Erika

Zombieland was the suprise box office hit movie for the month of October and one of the major scene stealers was Emma Stone’s outfit, particularly her bad ass motorcycle boots.

Emma Stone as Wichita in Zombieland

As soon as the movie came out, inquiries about Emma Stone’s outfit in the movie flooded the internet, asking about the brand of those “Zombieland boots” and where they can be bought.

Look no further because we’ve got the answer right here for you! The pair for Emma Stone in the movie were made to look like she’s worn them forever, but pictured here are the exact same pair. Ladies and gentlemen, the Castalina boots by Bandolino:

bandolinocastalinathumbThe Bandolino Castalina Boot (Sold Out)

Wichita in Zombieland is a great costume idea for Halloween and we bet a lot of girls and groups went as the Zombieland characters for that night. If you bought the Bandolino Castalina boots to complete your look, then consider it an investment piece because they’re a pair of boots you can wear not just on Halloween but all year round.