Vogue Says You Can Wear Winter Boots to a Club

November 9, 2009 • By Erika

Vogue TV’s 60 Seconds to Chic with Louise Roe  just featured the cold weather footwear brand Sorel styled with this winter’s top runway trends. The looks were Modern Workwear, A Touch of Fur and 80s Redux.

Vogue TV's styling for Sorel winter boots


The boots themselves aren’t bad – they’re ugly in a way that they’re kind of cute already. And the combination of leather uppers, rubber bottoms and felt liners do sound like they’re the “warmest and driest winter boots available anywhere in the world”. But the clothes Vogue paired with these winter boots make them downright hideous.

First of all, unless you have a very lenient dress code at work, would you consider a graphic tee as “workwear”? The Russian fur hat is not just a “touch”, it’s already more than enough fur for just one outfit. And the 80s redux look is supposed to be for disco queens and “all-weather lifestyles”? Hats off to you if you can go to work, get into a club or even just walk down the street in these outfits.

Anyway, let’s forget the clothes and just focus on the boots. The Sorel boots featured in this episode of 60 Seconds to Chic are Sorel Caribou in black/tusk, Sorel Joan of Arctic in sierra tan and Sorel Tivoli in chili. They look warm, they’re slip proof and they look like they’ll really keep your feet dry throughout the winter. When the temperatures are freezing, it’s reason enough for us to throw fashion out the window! These Sorels are a pair of boots that are made for walking, and hiking, and sledding, and skiing, and snowmobiling….