7 Ugg Boots With Rock and Roll Attitude

January 4, 2010 • By Erika

Okay, before anyone says “these aren’t Ugg boots!”, let it be known that the term “uggs” refers to any type of sheepskin boots with wool lining. It is, in fact, a generic term, and other variations of it are “ug”, “ugh” and “ugg”.¬†Although Deckers Outdoor Corp., the manufacturer of UGG Australia, still holds the trademark for the word “ugg(s)” in the US and Europe, the trademarks were removed in Australia in 2006 and the term is once again the common name for this popular style of sheepskin boots.

So on with the list.

Ugg boots are everywhere nowadays that it’s kind of difficult to wear them without having people ask you if they’re real Deckers Uggs or just knockoffs. You can get generic ugg boots, branded ugg boots, and even fake ugg boots from a multitude of online stores offering them at varying price points, and it’s getting harder and harder to tell the counterfeit goods from the genuine article.

If you love sheepskin boots yet hate looking like just one of the crowd, then it’s time to get a pair that’ll knock the socks off of everyone else. We found 7 ugg boots that are packed with rock and roll attitude, yet still offer the same level of warmth and comfort.

Here are 7 ugg boots that’ll make you stand out from the crowd:

1. Harley Davidson Pinnacle Boots in Black (Sold Out)


2. Gabriella Rocha Umika Boots in Black Paisley (Sold Out)

3. Kettle Black Rocker Fringe Boots in Black (Sold Out)

4. Australia Luxe Collective Angels Special Release Boots in distressed black (Sold Out)

5. Koolaburra Studs Kettle Boots in Black (Sold Out)

6. Koolaburra Kettle Boots in Chocolate Heart & Soul (Sold Out)

7. Koolaburra Horseshoe Rock & Roll Boots (Sold Out)