8 of the Cutest, Most Adorable Sweater Boots

January 6, 2010 • By Erika

We featured some sweater boots before, after Megan Fox was seen traipsing around in her UGG Classic Cardy Boots in grey. And like we said in that post, sweater boots are difficult to wear out of the house (unless maybe if you’re a celeb and people around you always tell you that you look good in everything that you wear).

The reasons? Well, for one, sweater boots aren’t really built to withstand water and snow. Two, they’re not weatherproof and their soles usually aren’t thick or supportive enough. Three, they get dirty easily and four, wearing sweater boots beyond the confines of a home is largely¬†considered a fashion faux pas.

Yes, we know, sweater boots are super warm and super comfy. That’s why we think there’s a way to get around these reasons not to wear sweater boots out of the house: just wear them indoors.

No need to worry about the wet snow soaking through, your feet hurting, or the boots getting dirty because you won’t be walking around in them anyways. They’ll also keep your toes warm and toasty without you worrying about what other people think of them. No one’s going to care if you wear sweater boots 24/7 inside your own home.

So we’ve gone ahead and found the best sweater boots for chilling out, lounging around and basically just lazying about inside your house. Here are 8 of the cutest and most adorable sweater boots:

1. Rellknit Tall Toggle Slipper Boot in Rainbow

It’s a sock, it’s a slipper, it’s a boot – it’s a sockperboot! Okay, maybe that name’s not going to catch on, but we do know that these rainbow sweater boots are now just $19.99 – 2/3 slashed off of the original $59.00 price. They’re available at¬†BarefootTess.com, the online store for large shoe sizes. Women shoe size 10 and above rejoice!

2. Unlisted Knit For You Boot in Tan

These look suspiciously like Megan Fox’s sweater boots, but no matter: they’re nearly 100 dollars cheaper, especially after the 10% price markdown. Other colors are black and brown but this warm tan color looks cozier. These sweater boots are $58.49 at Heels.com.

3. Skechers Keepsakes Blur Boot in Chocolate

This Skechers sweater boot has a little bit more traction and sole than the others, so maybe you can wear these when running a few short errands. The fur around the top is a cute detail and the cinch ties will keep them from flopping down around your ankles. $54.95 at Shoebuy.com.

4. Muk Luk 680 Chenille Socks Boot in Pistachio

These sweater boots resemble socks the most, so don’t even try passing them off as actual boots – the fragile blanket stitching around the sole won’t let you walk in them farther than the front door. But the chenille material is really soft and warm, good enough to wear while watching TV or reading a book. Check out the calming pistachio shade. $25.45 at Shoebuy.com.

5. Bearpaw Knit Tall Boot in Chocolate

Another sweater boot that’s similar to UGG Classic Cardies, but the toggle buttons are too cute to ignore on this Bearpaw version. $69.95 at Shoebuy.com.

6. Gabriella Rocha Jayden Boot in Cream

These are a girl’s boot, but they run up to an XL size so women with smaller shoe sizes can still wear these adorable sweater boots. Also available in black, brown and pink – the pink was our top 2 choice. $45.00 at Zappos.com.

7. RSVP SS2 Fleece Boot in Green/Dark Green

If you’re going to be wearing a shoe with pompoms hanging off of it, you might as well get them in a crazy color. This green color combination is our top choice for this RSVP sweater boot. $49.00 at Zappos.com.

8. UGG Classic Stripe Cable Knit Boot in Navy/Cream

What’s a sweater boot post without a pair of UGGs? These cable knit sweater boots in navy and cream are $140.00 at Zappos.com.