Lacoste Bundle Boots Inject Some Color Into Winter

January 11, 2010 • By Erika

The Lacoste Bundle Boots

The Bundle Boots, first seen in Lacoste’s 2009 Autumn/Winter collection, were released last November – just in time to wear for fall and get ready for winter.

This rain boot mutation in ultra-bright fluorescent neon colors had fashion naysayers saying that they were only going to be another flash in the pan, but boy were they wrong: the black and the pink Lacoste Bundle Boots sold out in just under a month and Lacoste had to restock their shelves for the hungry Christmas shopping crowd.

Let’s take a closer look at the Lacoste Bundle Boots:

A sportswear brand like Lacoste won’t design a shoe just to be fashionable – it has to be functional too. So for these cold-weather boots, we’re looking at waterproof rubber uppers, non-skid sole patterns, quilted fabric lining, AND a padded footbed. These were definitely made for fall and beyond.

But of course, we’re talking about Lacoste here, the brand that turned stiff pique polo shirts into a trend. So even though the Bundle Boots could withstand harsh snow and ice weather conditions, they couldn’t be without some style: the rubber uppers are shiny patent, the two buttons for adjusting are made extra large for cute overload, and lest we forget, the ever-present alligator logos are prominently emblazoned on the heels.

The only design flaw that we have a gripe about on these boots is that if you do stand in the snow in these, will the wet and cold seep in through the seams around the ankles? But despite that, we still think the Lacoste Bundle Boots are a great way to inject some color into the harsh white winter that we are now experiencing.

We’d like to know what your take is: the Lacoste Bundle Boots – here to stay or way too trendy?