The Best Snow Boots for Kids Who Love Playing in the Snow

January 18, 2010 • By Erika

Parents know how much their little ones love playing in the snow. So if there’s any member of the family who needs a good pair of snow boots right now, it would be the children.

Kids’ snow boots are priced the same as adult snow boots, if not a bit higher. That might sound totally unfair considering that children’s feet are obviously tinier and would therefore need less materials, but from a manufacturer’s point of view, smaller things are actually harder to make. The finer details require different kinds of machinery, the shoe styles need to be altered to fit smaller sizes, and to get the intricate designs just right requires special labor skills.

So don’t be surprised if kids’ snow boots cost more than your own. Just think of them as an investment piece – after all, ┬áit is children and protecting them against the elements we’re talking about.

Here are the best top-selling snow boots for girls:

Girls’ The North Face Nuptse Fur, $67.95

These snow boots are padded to the max: the soles are cushioned, the insides are lined with faux fur, and they’re packed with 700 fill down insulation. These are definitely for keeping warm but if you’re concerned about the wet soaking through that nylon upper, fear not: they are 100% coated and made waterproof.

If you prefer wellingtons, you could always go for this adorable Umi Serenade Boot, also a top-seller:

Girls’ Umi Serenade, $87.95

As for the boys, these are the best top-selling snow boots:

Boys’ The North Face Chilkats Lace, $62.45

The North Face takes the top spot again with this excellent fleece-lined boys’ snow boot. These were designed especially for wet and snowy conditions and will keep your little man’s feet warm in temperatures down to -25 degrees F.

And like what we did for the girls, we also found a boy’s rubber boot option:

Boys’ Bearpaw Stowe, $99.95

Although not exactly a wellington boot, the rubber sole combined with the waterproof shaft still makes these Bearpaw Stowes a great boot to wear in the snow. They are also lined with sheepskin lining for extra warmth and the rubber outsole provides extra traction on slippery ice. We don’t want the kids to get into any accidents now!

If you’ve got kids who still stay outdoors despite the biting cold weather, then you need to get them some really good snow boots!