Top Ten 2010 Fashion Trends in Boots

January 22, 2010 • By Erika

What’s in and what’s out for 2010?

That was the question in everybody’s mind at the start of the year and we look to fashion-focused publications for the answer.

We perused trend reports from Vogue,, and even from increasingly influential self-styled fashion blogs to compile this list of top 10 fashion trends for 2010.

Here are the most forecasted fashion trends, as interpreted in our favorite kind of footwear – boots.

1. Digi Prints

Space prints, digitized prints, geometric prints – we saw a lot of these on the runway. Digi prints on boots are not for the faint-hearted; they’re very attention-grabbing. At the very least, you can start conversations with them.

Harajuku Lovers Attica Boot, $119.99 (Sold Out)

2. Nude Colors

Sand, beige, and khaki are marking neutral ground this 2010 and boots don’t mind being on their side.

UGG Classic TallUGG Classic Tall, $180.00

3. Military

Possibly the easiest trend to adopt for boots. Military + boots go together like peanut butter and jelly, and we’re liking how the trend is to wear them really scruffed up this 2010.

Jeffrey Campbell All Lace Up Combat Boots, $220.00

4. Sportswear

Does this mean that it’s finally acceptable to wear workout clothes in other places besides the gym? Regardless, athletic has always been a good look on boots.

PUMA Zimno Mid, $99.95

5. Leopard Print

The leopard print isn’t just for cougars anymore. Just make sure to pick a lighter, fun shade to keep it looking young and fresh.

N.Y.L.A. Mariah Heel, on sale $116.99 (Sold Out)

6. Bright Colors

Turquoise has been declared as color of the year, but don’t beat out other bright colors yet. Yellows, blues, and greens are still very much in-demand, even (or especially) when mixed altogether.

Blowfish Hobbit, $55.99 (Sold Out)

7. Cutouts

It used to be we only saw cutouts on sides of dresses. Now they’re cutting out the sides of our shoes. We don’t mind the extra ventilation when they look this good.

Boutique 9 Rashelle Slashed Suede Booties, $180.00

8. Ruffles

This super sweet embellishment tones down boots that have been acting tough all throughout 2009. It’s time to walk on the softer side.

Zigi Ruffle, $150.00 (Sold Out)

9. Tribal

Ethnic pattens, vibrant colors, earthy tones – a strong tribal print on a boot could be overpowering, but when it’s used like on these boots from Born, they look really warm and natural.

Born Jolie, $190.00 (Sold Out)

10. Studs

Aah studs. We devoted an entire post just on stud boots, but if you can’t get enough of them like us, then here’s yet another gorgeous studded boot.

Rosegold Halle Studded Ankle Boot with Buckle, $275.00 (Sold Out)