PUMA GV Snowbucket Boots

January 23, 2010 • By Erika

PUMA GV Snowbucket

Stopped your heart for a moment there, didn’t it?

These athletic boots could have very easily fallen by the wayside with the fashion rejects, but Puma’s careful design brought it from plain ol’ snow boots to eye-drawing, buyer-coveting, worthy-to-mention-to-your-friends levels.

These GV Snowbuckets are an interpretation of Puma’s classic GV shoes. You can clearly see that they just basically added the puffy shaft to the sneaker:

But with Puma, design is everything, so the pink on brown tones, the nylon with patent leather combination, and the color-coordinated stripes look like the best thing to happen to athletic snow boots. Yet another fashionable footwear hit from Puma.

If anyone recalls, Puma was just a regular sportswear brand not too long ago. They were constantly being beaten out by other bigger companies like Nike. But after deciding to shift the entire Puma brand out of sports and into fashion and lifestyle, Puma was seen on the feet of the hippest fashion frontrunners and slowly started becoming more than just sportswear.

Puma shoes are now one of the most sought-after, hard-to-find sneakers that people line up for months to get a hold of. And we think that that’s going to happen for these Puma GV Snowbuckets.

Puma GV Snowbucket in pompeian red