Australia Luxe Collective: The Most Glamorous Uggs Around

January 26, 2010 • By Erika

Sheepskin ugg boots are super trendy right now so I’m actually wondering why they didn’t come up with this sooner – presenting, glammed up, luxurious, ultra chic ugg boots from Australia Luxe Collective:

Australia Luxe Collective Nordic Angel Short Boot

Australia Luxe Collective Bedouin Moon Matching Boot

Australia Luxe Collective Tsar Boot

These ugg boots are definitely NOT made to be worn just for the sake of comfort.

Australia Luxe Collective, from their name alone, is dedicated to luxury. Sure, providing comfortable shoes is still key but as you can see from the boots featured above, making them stand out from the crowd, grab attention, and look extraordinary is priority. The husband and wife team of Nicole Durand and Stuart Rush have gone out of their way to make their boots exactly that, and using fur, metals, gold and other custom embellishments, they have come up with quite possibly the most glamorous line of ugg boots to be found anywhere.

Naturally, something as attention grabbing and head turning as Australia Luxe Collective boots would immediately be picked up by Hollywood’s fashion radar. Celebrities were these ugg boots’ first customers. And when you’ve got big name stars like Britney Spears wearing your stuff, that’s getting the best endorsement deal practically for free.

Dressing exactly like the celebs comes with a high price though. If you think UGG Australia boots are outrageously expensive at 180 dollars, then you better sit down for this: Australia Luxe Collective ugg boots’ prices average around 350 to 400 dollars. Some styles can even go beyond $400, especially if they’re they ones celebrities are seen wearing the most.

If you just can’t be seen in regular ol’ ugg boots and are prepared to drop some change for Australia Luxe Collective boots, head on over to Amazon.