Men Get The Boot This 2010 Too

February 4, 2010 • By Erika

Yes, yes, there’s already so much about combat boots on this blog, but I’m sorry, I’ve found another excuse to write about it: menswear.

Even the men get the boot this 2010 too.’s latest trend report on the runways in Milan is all about the combat boot, saying that this is the style that men should be wearing like right now.

Men's combat boots on Milan runways (image from’s combat boots on Milan runways

Strong, rugged, sleek, masculine: this is how menswear should be. Forget what advertisements and commercials are saying about the feminine man, the vain non-gay male, and the metrosexual – they’re all just marketing ploys anyways. Men’s fashion should be direct, straight-up, and no frills, quite literally and figuratively.

These new combat boot styles are just the accessory that menswear needs right now for Fall/Winter 2010. With their metal hardware, polished leather, buckled straps, and dark colors, this is fashion and functionality at its best. It was difficult to choose the best style among all the combat boots featured on GQ, but this one narrowly beat out the competition:

Bottega Veneta combat boot

That buckled ankle wrap is what got me, although the premium polished leather in a rich brown on these Bottega Veneta combat boots is also quite notable.

Here are other men’s combat boot styles at different price points:

John Varvatos Combat Spectator, $649.00

Seychelles Meteor Shower II, on sale, now only $123.20

Carolina 8″ Plain Toe Logger 821, $86.45

The great thing about this trend is that it’s both for men and women – you can shop with your man for combat boots at the same time! These tall combat boots are available at Zappos and Shoebuy.