5 Shoe Styles in the Shape of the Future

February 18, 2010 • By Erika

The new shoe silhouettes that have recently come out in the present have got us wondering what else fashion has in store for us.

Here are 5 shoe styles in shapes that make us believe that the future is now:

#1: Arturo Chiang Dean Booties

These booties could’ve just been like any other strappy booties, but the way the straps twist towards the center lends it a whole different look. The resulting vents, coupled with the snakeskin printed leather, squared toe, and blunt heel, give the bootie an edgy, textured feel.

#2: Camilla Skovgaard Saw Mules

These are mules by definition and the “saw” in the name obviously refers to the saw-like cut of the sole. But the way I see it, “saw” could also pertain to the sawed-off look that these shoes have. They look like a pair of boots that had the top parts sliced straight off – do you agree?

#3: Omelle Estella Apron Pumps

Here’s another interesting shoe combination: pumps and boots in one. They look like regular pumps from the back yet look like peep toe booties from the front. That front flap shields the entire foot nearly all the way up to mid-calf. What anchors it down is a strap that goes around the leg.

#4: Jeffrey Campbell Tick Wedge Booties

Wedge booties have been featured here on Boots4You a lot, but they still deserve a place in this list of futuristic shoe styles. Despite making women’s feet look like hooves and making them clomp around instead of gliding gracefully, the extreme wedge is still remains¬†the silhouette to watch out for this 2010.

#5: Cocobelle Bahia Python Thong Sandals with Ankle Cuff

Since there have been two combination shoes on this list already, why not add a third one? Here’s a pair that’s a sandal and a cuffed boot in one.¬†There have been a number of shoe brands coming out with cuffed sandals and sandals with attached socks lately. Perhaps more and more people are complaining of cold ankles while they’re wearing sandals?