4 Boots to Take Risks and Have Fun In

February 20, 2010 • By Erika

This blog post is inspired by Mr. Newton‘s shots of this amazing man in the Nina Ricci gravity-defying heel-less heels, taken at the Rodarte show last February 16 at New York Fashion Week:

The Nina Ricci heel-less heels as worn… by a fearless man

It’s like this man is telling us that it’s okay to be risqué in fashion, no matter what people will be whispering about behind you. After all, where else can we take risks but in fashion where the consequences are not that grave? It may be a billion-dollar industry but we can also have fun with it – and as Michael Kors famously said on Project Runway, “Lighten up, it’s just fashion!”

So to salute the gutsiness and awesome fierceness of this man, here is a collection of 4 risk-taking but also fun-loving boots. All of these are on sale now!

1. Marc Jacobs MJ13271-00810

Don’t you just hate it when you scuff the back of your favorite high heels on a chair or something? Well, the brassy bulbs down these boots will protect your heels for you. But that extended upturned toe and the severe shaft curve might prove to be an entirely different problem…

2. Alexander McQueen 227117WA2D0

It’s unexpected details like a flared thin stiletto heel on a pair of boots that made Alexander McQueen the legend that he is now. Get these Alexander McQueen 227117WA2D0 booties while they’re now only $600.34. They’re sure to go up more than its original price of $1,144.00.

3. Roberto Cavalli MPS077 PC086

These ankle boots are beautiful in every angle. That pointed curve heel looks great from the front, you’ll see the gold lining from the top, and while you can’t see it for yourself when you wear these, that music note heel is eye candy from the side and the back.

4. Marc Jacobs MJ13278-00810

Here’s another bewitching boot from Marc Jacobs. The upturned toe and the eyelets punctured straight through the thick heel are sure to be attention getters. Marc Jacobs also thinks a boot can completely do away with a heel, so he just goes and decided to get rid of the whole thing.