5 Boots with Cut Out Heels

March 26, 2010 • By Erika

I know that when the peep toe boot first came out, it earned the ire of many. What’s the point, they argued. Aren’t boots supposed to keep feet warm and covered? What’s the purpose of wearing boots then if they expose the toes anyways?

But look where the peep toe boot is now and how many brands – from luxury to low-end – have got a peep toe boot style included their line of footwear. It might be impractical but the peep toe boot apparently has got some visual appeal for the style to last this long.

Now shoe designers think exposing the toes isn’t enough and have begun cutting out more from boots. This time they have targeted the heels. Check out these 5 boots with the heels cut out and tell me if you like the style:

1. L.A.M.B. Zayn

Are these cuffed strappy sandals or booties with just a lot of cutouts? Are they open toe or thong-strapped? Are they really airy boots or sandals with a lot of material?

2. Boutique 9 Rashelle

There’s a nearly identical full boot version of these¬†Boutique 9 Rashelles, but only Boutique 9 has the cutout heel for those who want to show off how great their side heels are.

3. Robert Clergerie Fito (Sold Out)

It’s a denim lace-up platform wedge peep toe ankle boot so I’m not going the question the cutout heel. Now only $320.00 down from $665.00.

4. Vince Camuto Kramer

These¬†Vince Camuto Kramers are probably the most “safe” cutout heel boot out of the bunch.

5. Pelle Moda Shantel Open Toe Platform Bootie

I wasn’t sure at first if these really were cutout boots because the strap that goes around the ankle is really narrow. It kind of looks like a regular ankle wrap sandal. But the name says it’s a bootie so it’s a bootie.

Will boots with cutout heels go the way of the peep toe boot – shunned at first and then slowly accepted? Or do you just totally shun boots with the heels cut out?