Costume National Cutout Knee High Boots

March 28, 2010 • By Erika

I’m not done with the cutouts yet.

I know Costume National is like one of the premiere Italian brands but somehow, I can’t get myself to like any of their shoes. They have the interesting details, like a neat button closure, a pretty color, or a fancy platform sole, but to me, there’s always something a bit off with their footwear. They somehow don’t get the heel right (it’s too thin or too thick), or the toes look wonky (it’s too pointed or too rounded), or that interesting detail they added is all out of proportion with everything else (the shoe just looks weird).

It’s kind of difficult to change my perception of the brand especially when they keep coming out with shoes like this:

Costume National 12 45105 24001

And you thought the peep toe boot and the cutout heel boot was bad.┬áLadies and gentlemen, here’s the open toe side cutout knee high boot, only from Costume National.

It also could be a knee high boot and sandal hybrid, but that description doesn’t really make things any better does it? If it were a hybrid, then they could’ve chosen a better sandal style to attach a knee high shaft to other than that generic two-strap open toe mule.

Wouldn’t it feel weird to have your legs up to your knees all covered up and then look down to see nearly your whole foot exposed?

Anyway, the curved heel is lovely and you can tell that the dark wood leather used on these boots is premium. If you’re the type of person whose toes don’t get cold, then you’re in luck because these designer boots have been marked down to $640.00 down from $805.00. Get them at Zappos.