Giuseppe Zanotti Grey Suede Badge Boots

April 4, 2010 • By Erika

I’ve written quite a number of posts on Giuseppe Zanotti boots here on Boots4You, most of them revolving around how exaggeratedly expensive they are. See for example this one.

As much as I want this post to be about affordable Giuseppe Zanottis, sadly, this one is no different.

These boots are new arrivals for the Giuseppe Zanotti brand over at Zappos:

Giuseppe Zanotti E07032

They’re $995.00 at regular price. The designers also deemed these boots to be so beautiful, so gorgeous, so flawless that they went ahead and gave it a ribbon of badges for being so awesome (awesomely expensive).

If you take off the badges / the ribbon hanging off the sides, can you honestly see anything remarkable about the grey suede boots that’ll be left behind? Okay, maybe they fit like a dream and they’re made by the best Italian shoemakers using the best Italian materials, but when you have very similar alternatives as inexpensive as these following boots, it’s hard to justify the price difference:

Nearly identical to the Giuseppe Zannotis at even less than half the price. Stuart Weitzman Hiplat, $315.00.

These are not suede but they look cool, don’t they? Type Z Dannie, $149.00.

These Steve Madden Darbbyy boots look brown when placed next to the other boots, but they’re really dark grey. $119.96.

Another nearly identical boot at a tenth of the price of the Giuseppe Zannottis! Lumine Regine $105.55.

Which pair of boots would you buy – the Giuseppe Zanottis or any old pair of grey suede boots?