Gather Around These 5 Boots with Gathering Details

April 6, 2010 • By Erika

I think I’m developing a liking for “gathered” boots or boots with gathering details. No, not slouch boots – although those are quite nice too – but boots that have a lot of extra fabric around the leg/ankle area and are held in place by a strap, a buckle, or a button which creates the gathered effect.

Take a look at these 5 boots with gathering details to see what I mean:

This Apepazza Orione Boot has a smocking detail that are often seen on summer dresses, tube tops, and shirts. It’s nice to see it used on a boot, a rich suede one no less. $189.00.

I always love the proportions on Dolce Vita shoes. These Dolce Vita Arie boots have functional buckles and straps so you can adjust them accordingly. Now only $260.80, down from $326.00.

Although the gathered fabric is technically just a cuff on top of an open toe mule on these shoes, the extra wide dimension makes it look like a boot doesn’t it? Marc by Marc Jacobs Ruffle Cuff Suede Booties, $495.00.

Though perforated leather is usually associated with casual sneakers, the wedge heel and the luxurious taupe color make this Jeffrey Campbell Montreal Perforated Suede Bootie look anything but. $158.00.

So many cute things about this Tory Burch Sable Ruched Boot! The fat rounded toe, the thick, circular stacked heel, and that adorable pin holding the top of the boot together. Tory Burch hit a home run with this one. Marked down to $237.50.

This gather detail style never fails to catch my eye. It’s very attractive on the shoe, but I have to admit that I think this is a style that would be hard to pull off. Why? 3 reasons:

(1) The extra fabric would add bulk around the ankles so women who don’t have skinny legs should tread carefully with this one.

(2) I don’t think the gather detail would look good on a mid-calf or any boot that goes higher than the ankles (that’s why all of my choices here are ankle boots or booties). The gathering would be too much and too overpowering on a tall boot.

(3) Lastly, because the gather detail adds bulk to the legs and feet, you can only wear slim, skinny pants or skirts with these boots. Narrows down your wardrobe choices a lot.

Logic tells me that gathered boots are impractical but it’s fun to be illogical sometimes, especially with fashion!

What do you think of boots with gathering details?