More Foldover Booties for Women, Men and Kids Too!

June 9, 2010 • By Erika

So this foldover bootie trend… I hope it lasts well into the winter season of this year because this is one trend that I really like. Also, if you haven’t noticed it yet, we’re enjoying one of those rare times when the current leading trends all somehow complement each other and can actually be worn altogether in one outfit. Take an army jacket, distressed skinny jeans and foldover booties for example, they’re all very trendy right now but wear them all at once and you still have got yourself a stylin’ look.

Women aren’t the only ones enjoying the foldover bootie trend – we’ve now got foldover booties for men AND for kids. These new styles are much cuter and not to mention more affordable, and because they’re short ankle booties, these can be worn during this summer too! Can you imagine these with summer floral dresses, short skirts and tank tops? Cute!

Women’s Foldover Booties

Madden Girl Kernal, $49.95

Christin Michaels Riley, $158.00

Marc by Marc Jacobs Grommet Cuff Booties with Open Toe, $245.00 (50% off, was $490.00)

Men’s Foldover Booties

BED:STU Men’s Gunner, $130.00

Rex Men’s R-Ace, $152.80 (20% off, was $191.00)

Polo by Ralph Lauren Men’s Tavin Plaid, $149.00

Kids’ Foldover Booties

Ed Hardy Kids Boondocks, $80.00 (was $99.00)

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal X-Hi, $48.00 (was $60.00)