Jessica Alba Spotted Everywhere in Her Red Doc Martens

June 22, 2010 • By Erika

Jessica Alba has been spotted everywhere in her favorite pair of Doc Martens recently. She’s worn them for everything from running daily errands, to a day out with her daughter Honor Marie, to a trip all the way to New York!

I don’t know why Jessica chose this summer season to break out the Doc Martens (she could’ve chosen something more summery like flats, wedges or sandals), but I guess they must be THAT comfortable. Either that or she’s just currently really, really, really obsessed with them:


June 18, 2010 – Jessica Alba leaves a restaurant in Santa Monica with a to-go bag after shopping on Robertson Boulevard Los Angeles

I would prefer a fresher and lighter look for the summer but Jessica Alba in her red Doc Martens actually looks great. The boots are something you can just slip on, pair with whatever and go – and that’s exactly how Jessica Alba is utilizing her Doc Martens.

Jessica Alba’s exact boots are the Dr. Martens 1460 in cherry red smooth:

Dr. Martens 1460, $114.95

No they’re not the Dr. Martens 1490s. I counted the number of eyelets in a hi-res Jessica Alba pic and there are only eight eyes, not ten, on Jessica Alba’s boots. Yes, that’s how dedicated I am!

Could you rock Doc Martens during sandal-wearing season too?