Gwen Stefani’s Boys Rock Their Summer Boots

July 9, 2010 • By Erika

If you had a mom like Gwen Stefani, it’s inevitable that some of her infectious style will rub off on you too.

Gwen’s two boys, Kingston (4 years old) and Zuma (turning two this August), displayed some of their mom’s style influence on them when they went out on the fourth of July to pick up some stuff for an Independence Day party.

Here are photos of the fam looking cute – and fashionable! – and dressed appropriately in red, white and blue:

Gwen Stefani with 4-year-old son Kingston in tow picks up some party balloons on the fourth of July

Gwen Stefani and sons Kingston and Zuma at Party City in California

Kingston Rossdale gets into the Independence Day spirit with painted blue nails

Not so sure about those denim harem pants GS, but I’m loving the summer boots you had your boys put on for this shopping trip.

Zuma’s adorable cowboy boots is the John Deere Boots Leather Wellington 2186:

Children’s John Deere Boots Leather Wellington 2186, $80.95

It’s also available for baby girls, in a cute pink color:

Infants/Toddlers’ John Deere Boots Wellington 0185, $36.95

Kingston’s boots on the other hand haven’t been ID’ed yet, but these patent leather boots from the Moschino Kids Footwear line might be something that the raucous 4-year old would be interested in:

Moschino Kids Footwear ART.24622 ((Infant/Toddler), $184.00

Kingston was also seen just recently rockin’ these boots from Harley-Davidson decked out with some heavy duty patches for the true tough biker look:

Infants/Toddlers’ Harley-Davidson Patches, $52.95