Fashion Challenge: Irregular Choice Floral Slouch Clogs

July 11, 2010 • By Erika

Would you wear open toe boots? What about floral open toe boots? What about floral open toe slouch clog boots?

Here’s a neat fashion challenge for all of us – the Floral Slouch Clog from Irregular Choice:

Irregular Choice Floral Slouch Clog

Irregular Choice Floral Slouch Clog

They’re clogs, they’re slouch boots, they’re fancy leg warmers or a really expensive leg cast all rolled into one.

I’m actually on the fence on these Irregular Choice Floral Slouch Clogs. One one hand I think they could work when worn with other cutesy clothes or a really basic getup, but I also think it’s so easy to go wrong with these shoes on the other. There’s also an age limit on who can wear these shoes – I don’t see anyone over the age of 20 getting away with these except maybe for those whose styles are really like this and those who refuse to grow up.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter what I say now because these shoes are selling out fast (and are 40% off) at FreePeople. In case you don’t make it in time, that still doesn’t exempt you from the challenge though because its other version, the Swiss Stitch Slouch Clog, is still available:

Irregular Choice Swiss Stitch Slouch Clog

These ones are regular price at $248.00.

So the Irregular Choice Floral Slouch Clog – TRY IT or TRASH IT?