Hayden Christensen Making Headway in Men’s Military Boots

September 29, 2010 • By Erika

It’s rare that male celebrities wear something worth blogging about so to feature two in a row is some kind of a feat here at Boots 4 you.

It was Lenny Kravitz rockin’ knee high wedge boots last week and this week, it’s Hayden Christensen getting on the military trend in men’s combat boots. The 29-year-old actor was seen at the LAX airport last Monday, lookin’ mighty fine while patiently waiting to be picked up at a side bench. No celebrity treatment for this young fashion padawan!

Oh wait, I’m not sure if the term “padawan” (technically a Jedi pupil but defined by Urban Dictionary as a term “broadly used to describe anyone who is still learning”) can still apply to Hayden Christensen here. He’s no fashion icon, but he’s certainly making headway in the men’s fashion department with those very on-trend military boots.

Now how often do you see male celebs wear trends? Not very often at all, and the fact that even the guys are wearing it is another reason to love the military trend.

Hayden Christensen’s boots are the Military Boots by the British high street brand AllSaints Spitalfields:

AllSaints Military Boots in chocolate

They also come in black and are available for £165.00 (approximately $261.20).

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