9 Costume Boots that Go on Double Duty This Halloween and This Fall

October 21, 2010 • By Erika

We got a few things to keep us busy fashion-wise this October. Coming up very soon is Halloween and once that’s over, we’ve got to think about updating our wardrobes as temperatures drop even further this mid-fall.

For the sake of knocking two birds with one stone, how about considering getting a Halloween costume that’ll also work as a great addition to a fall wardrobe? I can’t take away the fact that we still gotta have some fun dressing up for Halloween, so I’ve narrowed it down to the part of the costume that we can wear everyday if we want to: the shoes.

Boots specifically of course. Here are nine costume boots I found that’ll both work as part of a Halloween costume and a fall wardrobe. Oh and just┬áso you know that I’m not passing off normal boots as costume boots, I got all of these from BuyCostumes“the web’s most popular costume store”!

Here’s what you can be for Halloween and for fall in these boots:

1. Camouflage Pointy Toe Lace-Up Canvas Boots

For Halloween: Sexy soldier on a mission.

For Fall: Military mama on top of the hottest fall trends.

2. Splendor Mid-Calf Button Boots

For Halloween: Victorian noblewoman or a lady-in-waiting.

For Fall: Romantic dreamer with a penchant for anything vintage-inspired.

3. Bandit Strappy Suede Knee High Boots

For Halloween: Beautiful badass bandit.

For Fall: Showstopper in strappy buckle boots.

4. Patent Leather Knee High Go-go Boots

For Halloween: 60s mod chick or a crime-fighting superhero.

For Fall: Pretty little thing in patent leather.

5. Dakota Faux Suede Fringe Cuff Pom Pom Boots

For Halloween: Super Indian babe.

For Fall: Boho chic beauty.

6. Embroidered Cowgirl Boots

For Halloween: Cow-ropin’ cute cowgirl.

For Fall: A girl-next-door who practically lives in cowboy boots and denim jeans.

7. Black Pirate Boots

For Halloween: Swashbuckling pirate who’ll make everyone walk the plank.

For Fall: Femme fatale in foldover boots who’ll make everyone fall for her.

8. Fur-Trimmed Lace-Up Viking Boots

For Halloween: Viking vixen conniving and cold.

For Fall: Fashionable female cozy and warm.

9. Pleater Thigh High Boots

For Halloween: Sexy cop, sexy vampire, sexy French maid, sexy cat, sexy warrior… you get the picture.

For Fall: Still sexy but this time fearlessly sexy – a stylin’ sister not afraid to try the thigh high boot trend.