Jil Sander JS15028 Suede High Heel Desert Boots

October 22, 2010 • By Erika

Though you can’t exactly take them out on a hike, a trek or even for a long walk, we’re fans of hiker, biker and combat boots in towering heels. Of course higher doesn’t always mean it’s better, as demonstrated by this odd-looking desert boot from Jil Sander:

Jil Sander JS15028 Suede High Heel Desert Boots (Sold Out)

Why does this boot look like it’s about to pitch forward? Did they just glue that 3 1/4″ heel onto it after it was made?

If you think it’s just the angle in the picture above, it doesn’t look any less weirder in the other shots:

The way the lug sole is raised and doesn’t really lay flat on the ground makes me question when in the designing/manufacturing process they decided to attach that high heel. It’s at such an odd angle and that steep vamp throws it even more out of proportion.

These Jil Sander boots are basically these Report Sahara Desert Boots with a heel pushed up its sole, with no alterations done:

Mad photoshopping skills: Report Sahara Desert Boots + 3 1/4″ heel = Jil Sander Desert Boots

Of course, adding a heel and a designer label alters its price. The Jil Sander JS15028 Suede High Heel Desert Boots are $899.00 versus $70.95 for the Report Sahara Desert Boots, both available at Zappos.