Boot Battle: Alexander Wang Freja Booties Vs. N.Y.L.A. Frissy Booties

October 25, 2010 • By Erika

Those Alexander Wang Freja Booties just won’t die. We’ve been featuring them here since the beginning of this year and yet still found reason to recently feature them again when Jessica Simpson wore them while she was NYC just last week.

And hey look, it’s another post on the Alexander Wang Freja Booties! You might have had enough, but it’s difficult not to write about them especially when I’ve just come across this great knockoff at a much, MUCH lower price.

So here are the Alexander Wang Freja Laced Zip Booties (which are now sold out everywhere):

And here’s the dead-on doppelganger – the N.Y.L.A. Frissy Booties:

Pretty good knockoff huh? They even got the laces going around the ankles spot on. I’m not really digging the 3 1/2″ stiletto heel though. It looks thin, off balance and disproportionate when matched up against the original.

Anyway, that’s all negligible once you see the price on the┬áN.Y.L.A. booties. They’re $106.95 compared to the $995.00 price on the Alexander Wang Frejas. That’s an $888.05 gap, an amount which spells the difference between just indulging and all-out starving for a shoe trend.

The N.Y.L.A. Frissy Booties also come in brown and in bone which is even cheaper at $70.95:

NYLA Frissy Booties in Brown, $106.95

N.Y.L.A. Frissy Booties in Bone, $70.95

Not as striking as the black but at least these give you more options to try something different.