Look Who’s a Fan of UGG and Jimmy Choo Collaboration Boots!

December 9, 2010 • By Erika

Many expressed their dislike for these boots over at our Facebook fan page, but look who’s a fan of the UGG and Jimmy Choo collaboration – none other than supermodel, super businesswoman, super TV host herself, miss Heidi Klum.

Heidi Klum was spotted arriving at LAX last Wednesday afternoon wearing the black studded boots from the (in)famous UGG and Jimmy Choo collab. It looks like she wore those fashionable sheepskin boots for warmth reasons too because judging from the thick fur-lined jacket she’s carrying on her arm, she must’ve flown in from somewhere where the the temperatures are a lot colder.

The UGG and Jimmy Choo Mandah Boots Heidi Klum has aren’t a hideous design per se, but it’s the hard-to-swallow $795.00 price tag that gets to a lot of people. It’s difficult to justify a price tag like that on what is essentially a bedazzled boot, especially when the boot itself is only in the most basic shape and design of uggs.

What did you think of the UGG and Jimmy Choo boots when they first came out? And does Heidi Klum wearing a pair change your mind about them?

With prices between $500 to $800 a pop, it’s hard to imagine people clamoring for these boots even with a celebrity endorsement.

If you’re a fan too, you can purchase these boots and check out the rest of the UGG and Jimmy Choo collection at UGGAustralia.