What Boots do Sam and Dean Winchester Wear on Supernatural?

December 10, 2010 • By Erika

Supernatural has just been named as TV Guide’s First Annual Fan Favorite!

It must’ve been a combination of humor, suspense, horror and drama that got people hooked on Supernatural, but credit really goes to the loyal fans who dedicatedly voted for the TV series. Of course, it also can’t be overlooked that one of the main reasons why people tune in to watch Supernatural is the fact that the two main stars are ridiculously good looking. 

Sam and Dean Winchester (played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles respectively) have a real easygoing, comfy, rough-and-ready dress sense on the show. No skinny jeans or “modern fit” clothing for these two – Diane Widas, Supernatural costume designer, outfits Sam and Dean in basic button-down shirts, easy-fitting jackets, naturally faded bootcut jeans and hardy work boots which are all the clothing you need for fighting the forces of good and evil.

 Before I get accused of swooning over Jensen and Jared’s rugged handsomeness, let’s get to the real point of this post and answer the question in the title: “What boots do Sam and Dean wear on Supernatural?”

Answers have ranged from Diesel to Blundstone to Timberland, but the real and only confirmed brands of Sam and Dean Winchester’s shoes are Frye and Caterpillar.

These Frye Fulton Lace Up Boots and these Caterpillar Akon Work Boots have both been seen worn on Supernatural … :

From top: Frye Fulton Lace Up Boots, $228.00; Caterpillar Akon Work Boots, $107.95 (Sold Out)

… but you know Frye and Caterpillar – any of their men’s shoe styles would look right in place on the show.

You could easily imagine these Frye men’s boots worn by either Sam or Dean:

1. Frye Arkansas Mid Lace, $198.00; 2. Frye Dakota Mid Lace, $178.00; 3. Frye James Lace Up, $238.00; 4. Frye Rogan Hiker, $238.40

Or these Caterpillar men’s boots on the feet of TV’s most famous demon hunters:

1. Caterpillar Morrison, $95.25; 2. Caterpillar Abe TX, $127.00; 3. Caterpillar Revival, $97.00; 4. Caterpillar Evolve, $121.00

Even if you’re not a fan of Supernatural, these durable, quality boots are a worthwhile purchase. These will cover you on the work floor of a factory, the docks, a construction site … or you know, will make for a really authentic Sam or Dean Winchester Halloween costume.

Congratulations to the Supernatural TV series!