ALDO Henzel: Sweater Boots You Can Wear Out of the House!

December 15, 2010 • By Erika

We’ve already stated our reasons why sweater boots aren’t the most practical or functional boots to buy this winter, but maybe we were really just trying to convince ourselves in our post. Deep inside we know that sweater boots are just too cozy-cute, and the warm, chunky knits they come in are just so darn irresistible.

So how to solve this dilemma? We want sweater boots but we also need to be able to wear them out of the house without looking like we were too lazy to change out of our house slippers. Not that we can’t change into another pair of boots, but if we’ll be spending something like $140.00 on a pair of UGG Classic Cardys, they might as well be something we can use out of the house too.

Enter these Henzel Boots from ALDO, which I think just might be the solution to this whole sweater boot problem:

ALDO Henzel

These boots have the cable knit shaft (the look we love on sweater boots), but the uppers are made of a sturdier suede material which are double-stitched for extra durability. The soles themselves are leather and rubber – and yep, the bottoms are skid proof and slip proof lug soles, a must have feature on shoes especially this winter season.

ALDO Henzel

The cuteness doesn’t stop at the cable knit – that double strap and buckle detail also helps in making these boots look dressier. If you’re still not convinced that these boots can be worn outside, these are fully lined inside unlike regular sweater boots that only have the slouchy knit layer to keep you covered.

$100.00 spent on a pair of these multi-use ALDO Henzel sweater boots IS getting bang for your buck!