Ugg Boots with A (W)edge: Koolaburra Kristin Boots

January 6, 2011 • By Erika

Koolaburra is getting a bit of a reputation here on Boots 4 You. First they gave us the overly furry boots, then the furry summer sandals, and for this winter 2011, they’ve given us ugg boots with approximately 2.5″-high wedge heels:

Koolaburra Kristin, $264.95

Okay, so wedge heels on ugg boots aren’t really anything new or to get excited about. In fact, UGG Australia themselves came out with their own wedge ugg boots years ago. But something about this design from Koolaburra is throwing me off and I think I know what it is: they’ve kept the same rounded and sloped toe seen on regular ugg boots despite the addition of the wedge heel.

Regular flat ugg boots vs. wedge ugg boots: Koolaburra Electra vs. Koolaburra Kristin

It’s like that high-heeled Jil Sander desert boot all over again. They just stuck a heel on these boots without altering the upper, toe and arch so the boot ends up looking like it’s going to pitch you forward. I actually don’t mind the wedge but now the proportions look all wrong. Also, the wedge is still made of the same crepe material, which probably means that it’s going to soak up even more water if you try to walk these in snow or rain.

Koolaburra also has these other wedge ugg boots which are much more stylized, so you kind of expect them to have some sort of heel or other:

Koolaburra Olivia, $394.95; Koolaburra Audrey, $229.95

These make the wedge heel look acceptable but I still can’t look past the stuck-on-heel appearance. Compare these boots with wedge ugg boots from other sheepskin boot brands to see what I mean.

All of the Koolaburra boots featured here can be purchased through