Sandra Bullock Walks on the Snowy Streets of New York City in Australia Luxe Nordic Angel Short Boots

February 2, 2011 • By Erika

Sandra Bullock has been spotted out and about quite a few times in New York City recently. She’s reportedly in the Big Apple to start filming Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”,¬†her new movie project which stars other big name actors such as Tom Hanks and John Goodman.

New York City is currently battling heavy snow and below freezing temperatures so bundling up in as many layers of warm clothes is a must. Sandra Bullock herself has been seen wearing at least two pieces of outerwear over her base layers, coupled with this cute pair of furry black boots:

Sandra Bullock leaves her New York townhouse on January 31, 2011

Sandra Bullock’s boots are these¬†Australia Luxe Collective Nordic Angel Short Boots:

Australia Luxe boots generally appeal to the young and trendy set so I’m surprised to see the usually classically-styled Sandra Bullock wearing a pair!

While I love that Sandra Bullock is trying out more playful styles of footwear, how she’s treating her Australia Luxe boots is making me cringe. These are 300-dollar genuine sheepskin boots we’re talking about and Sandra Bullock is just sloshing through the snow in them like they’re nothing! Take a closer look at the first panel in the picture above to see what I mean.

Oh well, she is Sandra Bullock and she could probably buy a hundred of these boots as backup if she wanted to.

Even with barely any stocks left, these boots still retail for over 300 dollars! Just goes to show how in-demand Australia Luxe boots are.

Credit: Ivan Nikolo/