Not Rated Stud Muffin Combat Boots Vs. Jeffrey Campbell All Stud Boots

February 17, 2011 • By Erika

These Not Rated Stud Muffin combat boots are new arrivals over at Zappos but they’re already on sale:

Which is really just all the more reason to be interested in them, especially since they’re such dead ringers for these super popular Jeffrey Campbell All Stud boots from way back in 2009 (which we also featured in a studded boots post from that same year):

The Jeffrey Campbell boots are still available at Solestruck for $269.95 while the Not Rated boots are $68.00, marked down from $85.00, at Zappos.

But based on these pictures, don’t the Not Rated boots look like they’re the ones that cost hundreds of dollars while the Jeffrey Campbell boots are the lower-priced ones? It could be because Zappos only has better pictures but the studs on the JCs aren’t even aligned or attached on straight.

Jeffrey Campbell might have been able to price their shoe that high because they were first to get on this studded combat boot trend, but if the Not Rated boots came out at the same time, Jeffrey Campbell would have had some serious competition.

If you want to break away from the clunky, big black boot trend, the Not Rated Stud Muffin combat boots are also available in this gorgeous tan color:

This color is also on sale for the same price at Zappos.