The Top 3 Most Expensive Shoes at Zappos are… Boots!

March 4, 2011 • By Erika

Zappos has always been one of our top go-to sites for shoes. Aside from having one of the most extensive inventories online, Zappos also has Zappos Couture which is a separate sub-website dedicated entirely just to designer shoes!

Okay, so they don’t have the top tier shoe brands like Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo (yet), but very rarely will you find a shoe website where you’ll see reasonably-priced budget brands, celebrity clothing lines and designer labels all being sold next to each other. That’s why we thought that if we were going to make a “top most expensive shoes” list, it’d be best to do the data gathering at Zappos.

So without further ado, here are the top 3 most expensive shoes at Zappos. And lo and behold, all of them are boots! Let’s go to the list, starting at number 3:

3. Alexander McQueen Samurai Scrimshaw Scale Platform Sandal Bootie

Starting this list is this Alexander Mcqueen Pre-Spring/Summer 2011 sandal bootie which gets the top 3 place because of its $1,375.00 price tag. If this shoe’s name truly describes the materials it’s made out of, then no wonder this shoe is so expensive because the “scrimshaw” refers to the elaborately-carved horn heel and platform!

No idea if the horn is manmade or from an animal, but at that price, you stand a good chance at betting that it’s the latter. But even without the rare animal by-products, they could’ve charged the same thousand-dollar price for these sandal booties simply for bearing the Alexander McQueen name.

Alexander McQueen Samurai Scrimshaw Scale Platform Sandal Bootie, $1,375.00 (Sold Out)

2. Alexander McQueen Gold Studded Faithful Boot

In at number 2 is the Gold Studded Faithful Boot also from Alexander McQueen. The Faithful Boot has proven to be a successful shoe style for Alexander McQueen through many seasons!

The latest resurrection is this crystal-embellished suede version adorned with shiny gold pyramid and circle studs. It’s also got the skull zip pull tab which has now become the trademark of the Faithful boot.

This boot rings in on this list at $1,795.00.

Alexander McQueen Gold Studded Faithful Boot, $1,795.00 (Sold Out)

1. Lucchese L4688 Black Eden Tooled Cowboy Boot

And now, for the most expensive shoe — it’s this deceivingly simple L4688 Black Eden Tooled Cowboy Boot from Lucchese!

Okay, so it’s not really very simple but everything you see on it – the intricate floral detailing, the leather heel counter, the cushioned insoles, down to the pull tabs – are all hand tooled in the USA using the finest materials.

Only the best design and the most meticulous craftsmanship went into this cowboy boot. That’s why it’s priced at a staggering $2,300.00.

Lucchese L4688 Black Eden Tooled Cowboy Boot, $2,300.00 (Sold Out)

Of course, these are the most expensive shoes as of writing and this list could change as soon as the next batch of new shoes arrive at Zappos. Wonder which shoe will topple the Lucchese boot off of its very high and very expensive perch?