Eileen Shields Tate 90MM Bootie Sandals

March 31, 2011 • By Erika

No other shoe has ever been this revealing about your outlook in life than these sandal booties bootie sandals bootandals from Eileen Shields! And depending on what people say they think these shoes are, you can immediately tell if they’re the “glass half-empty” or “glass half-full” kind of people too.

To know how someone views life in general, show them this shoe and ask them, “Do you see this shoe as half empty or half full?”. Their answer will reveal more about them than they willingly show!

Eileen Shields Tate 90MM Bootie Sandals

Of course, they also just might say “What the HECK kind of shoe is THAT?”. Even the shoe itself isn’t sure about itself either because it’s ankle boot when viewed from the outside but it’s an ankle strap sandal when flipped over.

Maybe YOU can help in solving this shoe’s identity crisis: do you think these Eileen Shields shoes are more of a sandal or more of a boot?

The tan/gold color is shown above but these shoes also come in this canvas/pale tan color:

Eileen Shields Tate 90MM Bootie Sandals in canvas/pale tan

I have no idea why it’s called “canvas” though when it doesn’t look like it’s made of canvas at all. The material looks more like an exotic leather that appears to be peeling off. I know real snakeskin often has that peeling appearance, but snakeskin isn’t mentioned anywhere on this shoe’s decscription so I can’t say that these are not canvas for sure.

But with the $515.00 price tag on them, they might as well be made of real snakeskin.