Reese Witherspoon Art Class Attendee in Fiorentini + Baker Eternity Boots

May 19, 2011 • By Erika

Reese Witherspoon was seen emerging from an art class she attended in Santa Monica, California last Tuesday.

Reese has recently been wearing a medical boot after twisting her ankle earlier this month but that didn’t stop us from noticing the cool-looking rugged brown boot she was wearing on her good leg.

I think it would feel weird to wear a medical boot on one foot and your regular shoes on the other. I tried this when I broke my foot when I was a kid and even then, it didn’t feel right to me! Granted it was a cast and not a boot like Reese Witherspoon’s (I still had to wear some type of soft slipper over the cast to keep it from getting dirty), so maybe that was the reason it didn’t feel right. Anyway, Reese is looking pretty comfortable in what she’s wearing despite her ankle injury.

Reese Witherspoon is wearing the right pair of theseĀ Fiorentini + Baker Eternity triple buckle strap boots:

Fiorentini + Baker Eternity triple buckle strap boots

The burnished leather on this boot is perfectly distressed and gives the boot that beautiful, old, worn-in feel.

As you may have noticed, pre-distressed and pre-worn-in boots often cost a lot more than the new-looking ones (go figure!) and these Fiorentini + Baker Eternity boots are no different. These have a price tag of $545.00 which is actually low on the price range of the Fiorentini + BakerĀ brand.

Thankfully, discount sites like Bluefly exist and they have these marked down to $436.00. That’s 20% off the retail price! They’re a little low on sizes but of course, that’s how it is with discount sites.

Shop for the Fiorentini + Baker Eternity triple buckle strap boots at Bluefly.