Cassie Scerbo in Giuseppe Zanotti Diamante Lace-Up Cuff Booties for the Victoria’s Secret “The Reveal of What is Sexy? List” Event

May 27, 2011 • By Erika

Actress Cassie Scerbo, best known for her roles in the movie Bring It On: In It to Win It and the TV series Make It or Break It, attended the Victoria’s Secret Bombshells’s “The Reveal of the What Is Sexy? List” celebration held at The Beverly in LA last May 11th.

With a new, almost unrecognizable blonde-to-brunette hair color, Cassie Scerbo needed that short introduction but I don’t think there’s a need to acquaint you boot lovers with the diamante-studded sexiness of the lace-up cuff booties on Cassie’s black nail-polished feet:

Cassie Scerbo poses on the pink carpet at the Victoria’s Secret “The Reveal of What is Sexy? List” event celebrated by the Victoria’s Secret Bombshells at The Beverly in Los Angeles, California on May 11, 2011


I’m not getting that half-halter half-scarf top that Cassie Scerbo is wearing in these pictures but thankfully, we don’t have to focus on that here on our blog. Instead, we can focus all our attention on the beautiful booties that Cassie Scerbo redeemed her outfit with, which are these Diamante lace-up cuff booties designed by the king of sexy shoes Giuseppe Zanotti:

Giuseppe Zanotti Diamante lace-up cuff booties

Sigh. Shoe love.

If these booties have captured your heart too, prepare 1,371 dollars and head over to FarFetch where you can purchase them. Anyone willing to lend me $1,371.00 too?

Credit: Brian To/