UGG Boots NOT to Shy Away From – the UGG Classic Short Sparkles

June 23, 2011 • By Erika

What’s short, sparkly all over and has been named as one of Oprah’s ULTIMATE Favorite Things?

The UGG Classic Short Sparkles boot!

UGG Australia released the sequined version of their Classic Short boot in time for Oprah’s very last Favorite Things show last November 2010 and it seems like they’re still getting a lot of kickback from it.┬áBecause even though it’s over half a year since that episode aired and even though the christmas-y sequins are not in season, UGG Australia still felt the need to release two brand new colors of the Sparkles boot right in the middle of summer 2011.

Check ’em out — the black, silver and gold are the first three colors; the newly added colors are the passion purple and ruby red:

UGG Classic Short Sparkles boots in (clockwise from top left): gold, silver, black, passion purple and ruby red

Now these are ugg boots that you can’t just pair with sweats or any ol’ comfortable thing. Because just look at them — there’s NO way they won’t attract attention or get a lot of stares!

One advantage I do see of having sequin-covered uggs is that they’re probably much easier to clean or take care of in general. It’s the sequins that are going to be first in contact with dirt, mud or grime and since they’re made of plastic, all you need is an old rag to wipe them clean.

Other than that, wearing these sequined uggs require a whole ‘nuther level of confidence!

Think you’ve reached those levels?