Calvin Klein Jeans Makes a Summery Biker Boot

July 4, 2011 • By Erika

We’re always on the lookout for a nice and affordable biker boot to feature here on Boots4You.

The classic strappy or zip-up black leather version has always been the standard so this new one we stumbled upon today from CK Jeans really came as a surprise:

CK Jeans Zofia boot

Yes ladies and gents, that’s a fabric CANVAS biker boot you’re looking at and in a light natural wheat color no less.

It’s a biker boot in all style aspects except made appropriate for and probably wearable ONLY in the summer.

CK Jeans Zofia boot

This would’ve been a nice vegan alternative to the usually all-leather biker boot but unfortunately, the dark brown straps and accents are made of real leather. This boot also would’ve been a great warm-weather option for those who love to wear their biker boots in the spring/summer but we wish CK Jeans made it in black instead of this summery but less biker-ish brown-on-brown combo.

How do you find CK Jeans’s made-just-for-the-summer biker boot – HOT or NOT?

And would you consider it as an option to the usual black leather biker boot?