Sam Edelman Pax Stud Booties

July 13, 2011 • By Erika

In our recent Selena Loves Her Sam Edelman Renzo Ankle Boots post, we mentioned finding another pair of Sam Edelman boots sporting the similar spiked and studded heel design.

Well, here they are as promised — dear readers, meet the Sam Edelman Pax Stud Booties:

Sam Edelman Pax Stud Booties (Sold Out)

Since debuting it on their hit Lorissa pump, Sam Edelman has really cashed in on this spiked and studded heel design’s success. They have put it on nearly every type of shoe style they have and in fact, even found a way to attach it onto a slim-strapped flat thong sandal!

Of course, something with a lot of surface area like this bootie isn’t going to escape the spiking and studding. There is no way Sam Edelman is going to let it leave the factory floor looking so bare. So even with the buckled strap, Sam Edelman gave it what is fast becoming their signature treatment, and spiked and studded the hell out of the heel cap. I’m actually surprised they didn’t touch that 1.75″ stacked heel; that’s wasted un-spiked and un-studded space right there.

Sam Edelman is on the verge of overusing this design and it’s ready to go over the hill very soon. So if you’re still lovin’ this design, better wear it soon and wear it fast!

You can find the Sam Edelman Pax Stud Booties in black leather for $250.00 at Shopbop. The grey suede version is available at Shoes.