New Trend: Over-The-Knee Boots… for Children?

July 28, 2011 • By Erika

WWD has spotted a new shoe trend cropping up for this fall 2011 and it’s over-the-knee boots… for children.

Before any of you begin protesting “oversexualization!,” these new little girls’ over-the-knee boots aren’t of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman proportions (well, not yet anyway).

Typically flat and rubber-soled, details like studs, buckles and bows give a fresh, more youthful and more functional look to little girls’ over-the-knee boots.

We’re actually okay with this because over-the-knee boots actually keep children’s knees better protected — just as long as designers don’t start adding high heels ala Suri Cruise¬†and don’t start changing the styles beyond what’s age appropriate!

What do you think of this new over-the-knee boot trend for little girls?

Over-the-knee boots for little girls

  1. Amiana toddler/little kid 15-A5038 suede over-the-knee boot, $108.76 to $135.95
  2. Primigi Kids Jaida boot, $162.95
  3. Primigi Kids Livia-L boot, $132.95 to $160.95
  4. Me Too Kids Carol over-the-knee boot, $49.46
  1. Primigi Kids Whitney boot, $68.80
  2. Jessica Simpson Delilah boot, $60.00
  3. Amiana toddler/little kid 15-A5039 boot, $109.95
  4. Primigi Kids Vivienne boot, $57.72 to $73.47

These little girls’ boots are all available at Amazon.