Best New Shoe Website Discovery: Zalando

September 26, 2011 • By Erika

While browsing videos on YouTube the other day, I came upon a funny ad where a mailman had to deliver boxes of shoes to two women at a nudist colony. It was in German and I didn’t understand a word of it but it still had me cracking up! The nudist women obviously had nothing to wear with their new shoes but they were so excited just to see the delivery guy. Oh and of course I just had to look up the brand printed on the shoeboxes. I think I might need an intervention soon because I can’t believe that even innocently watching YouTube videos would lead me to doing some serious shoe shopping!

Zalando “Camping” TV spot

So “Zalando” was the word printed on the shoeboxes and it turns out not to be just one single brand but an entire online shoe shop. Actually, they not only offer shoes but also carry clothes, accessories, beauty products and even sports gear for women, men and kids! But I totally get why they would focus on women and shoes in their ads — I mean, we’re a blog focusing on women and shoes so there’s no need to explain. There’s really nothing quite like women and our obsession with shoes and Zalando’s advertising team clearly knows that too.

The first thing I noticed about the Zalando website was how much it looked and felt like the Zappos website. Here’s a screenshot of Zalando UK’s current homepage — even if you’ve never shopped at either website, try switching back and forth between the two and  you’ll immediately see what I mean:

Zalando UK main page

There are some differences in the navigation and the categorization but otherwise, everything is pretty much the same. But as Zappos is one of favorite online stores here on Boots4You, we don’t consider the striking resemblance a bad thing at all.

So let’s go to what we really came for at Zalando: the shoes. Like Zappos, Zalando also has thousands upon thousands of styles to choose from but it was so refreshing to see that majority of them are from new brands! Filippa K., Pollini, Tamaris, Seven Seconds, Rieker, Gabor, Bruno Premi — well, okay, so these brands aren’t really new but they’re definitely different from the usual offerings at our online haunts. Zalando even has their own ‘Zalando Shoes’ label which they sell right alongside the other brands they stock.

Zalando offers free shipping both ways, a free service hotline and a generous 30-day return policy. Now for the downside: as of now, Zalando only delivers to the UK (Zalando UK), Germany and Austria (, the Netherlands (, France (, and Italy ( Looks like we international customers have no choice but to sit tight and wait until Zalando sorts out the logistical reason that’s stopping them from shipping to other countries.

They better do that soon because the clamor is getting louder and louder! But actually for now, I think I can be appeased (or distracted) if Zalando makes English versions of their insanely funny ads.

Check out our top picks of boots and ankle boots from Zalando below!

And P.S. — if you have a valid UK address, join their Jeffrey Campbell giveaway!

Zalando ankle boots

  1. Friis & Company leopard print calf hair booties, £169.95
  2. Via Uno hook laced high heel ankle boots, £110.00
  3. Strenesse Gabriele Strehle gored and perforated ankle boots, £385.000
  4. Pakros burnished leather high heel loafers, £105.00
  5. Palladium Pampa Peloton buckled cuff rubber sole lace-up boots, £114.95

Zalando boots

  1. Fersengold metallic platform knee high button boots, £265.00
  2. Tremp Sharon buckled lace-up knee high boots, £210.00
  3. Seven Seconds lace-up knee high boots, £59.95
  4. Shoot triple buckled strap boots, £130.00
  5. Tamaris faux suede thigh high boots, £75.00