These Kelsi Dagger ‘Adelia’ Boots Give the Look of the $900 Fendi Rubber Toe Boots for Less

September 29, 2011 • By Erika

I was stunned when I came across the Kelsi Dagger Adelia boots while browsing through the new arrivals at Zappos today. They look so much like the Fendi rubber toe boots from Fall 2010 that I thought I was looking at the real thing!

But I know that Zappos doesn’t carry Fendi (yet) and AFAIK, Fendi has not come out with a new version of their popular 2010 rubber toe boot for this year.

For reference, here are the Fendi rubber toe boots:

Just some of the very many colors of the Fendi rubber toe lace-up boots. From L-R: brown suede, camel suede and mouse leather, $647.99 (was $900.00)

And here are the Kelsi Dagger Adelia rubber toe boots:

Kelsi Dagger Adelia rubber toe lace-up boots in forest green

Kelsi Dagger Adelia rubber toe lace-up boots in slate/black

Kelsi Dagger Adelia rubber toe lace-up boots in black/black

They look so similar, don’t they?

Okay, okay, so you can immediately see the differences when you put them side-by-side like I just did. But I think you can see why I so easily mistook the Kelsi Daggers for the Fendis! Kelsi Dagger just added a leather strip at the back of the boot which IMO, makes this design more beautiful and flattering to the leg. Kelsi Dagger retained the suede upper material which I think they could have switched out for faux suede so you don’t have to worry so much when you actually do wear these out in the snow or rain.

The Kelsi Dagger Adelia rubber toe lace-up boots are priced at $170.00. It is still a bit high for a look-for-less option but it is at least a whopping $700.00 less than the Fendi’s original $900.00 price tag!

If you will be getting either the Fendi or the Kelsi Dagger boots, here are some styling ideas from Russian-born designer Vika Gazinskaya, street style star Giovanna Battaglia, and my current style blogger/fashion designer/book author obsession Abbe Diaz:

Vika Gazinskaya, Giovanna Battaglia and Abbe Diaz stylin’ their Fendi rubber toe lace-up boots

These boots are a lot more versatile than I thought!

Credit:, Root, AbbeDiaz