Smart and Sexy: Tweed Lace Up Booties from Mexican Brand Plomo

September 29, 2011 • By Karla Mae

If you want some vintage spin in your booties, try incorporating the ever reliable tweed into their modern shape– it’s quite the style combination! Just look at this lace-up bootie from the Mexican brand Plomo:

Joanna Lace Up Booties, $295, Plomo

It’s quite the stand out amongst the leather and fur-trimmed booties but I admit, it must have been because I was looking for it! I have a little weakness for tweed since I associate it with one of my favorite eras, the late 1800s. It looks smart, sophisticated and now that its on heeled boots– alluring. It’s like a female Sherlock Holmes right there.

Vintage Beauty: Tweed makes this lace-up bootie a truly retro piece

Even the heel of this bootie is covered in the tobacco-colored tweed

The bootie comes in a tobacco colored tweed and, if I’m not mistaken, a checked pattern. It is trimmed in this light brown leather, the same color as its laces. The covered stiletto heel is a little over 4″ high and is matched with a stacked platform.

Smart and sexy: Plomo’s lace-up bootie is for the confident, sure-footed woman

I can already see this shoe with a one-piece wrap dress or those pussy-bow blouses. And a classically cut trench coat would look amazing with it! Plomo has been dubbed as a brand that creates shoes for the sure-footed woman, confident and has direction. This bootie is certainly does its part in exuding power and elegance. Bravo.