Jessica Alba Heads to the Doctor’s Office in Cobra Society Otto Boots

October 8, 2011 • By Erika

Jessica Alba was seen taking her newborn baby Haven Garner to the doctor’s office last October 5th. That day was particularly rainy and cold by Los Angeles standards so Jessica Alba was understandably bundled up in this cozy yet cool layered outfit.

Interesting wraparound braided hairdo Jessica Alba has got going on, but what’s even more interesting for us of course are Jessica Alba’s neo-Navajo woven fabric and leather boots. A unique and colorful pattern like that is bound to stand out anywhere so it was pretty easy to ID Jessica Alba’s boots as these ones from Cobra Society:

Cobra Society Otto boots in black olive/midnight nubuck (Check out that cool Cobra charm!)

Stylishly named ‘Cobra Society’ is one of the newest boot brands on the block. Drawing inspiration from North African culture and 20th Century design philosophies, designer Alex Davis started the label with what she knew best: boots.

The debut Cobra Society collection for Fall 2011 combines a feminized cowboy style with Kilim fabrics handwoven and hand-dyed by female rug artisans in Morocco. The results are truly luxe, high quality boots that are destined to be the next “It” accessory and as Jessica Alba has shown, are starting to become another celebrity favorite.

Just to show you the range of the Cobra Society capsule collection, here’s the Zeus, the thigh high boot version of the Otto that’s just drop dead gorgeous:

Cobra Society Zeus boots in black olive/midnight nubuck

You can get away with wearing your simplest sweaters when you’ve got such a standout piece like this!

The Cobra Society Otto boots are $795.00; the Cobra Society Zeus boots are $1,1,95.00. You can check out the rest of the Cobra Society collection at Net-A-Porter.