The Perfect Dress to Wear with the Dsquared² Ice Skate Boots

October 22, 2011 • By Erika

We really can’t ignore these Dsquared² ice skate boots any longer. Why? Well, just look at them! They’re practically commanding that they be given attention!

The first style Dsquared² released of their headline-making ice skate boot was this very literal white color, complete with scratches and scruff marks as if they were really used for ice skating:

No, these aren’t ice skates — just check out that 6″-high stacked heel: Dsquared² ice skate booties in ottico, $1,895.00

Then they followed up with other styles in this black color which may be easier to mix and match with, but doesn’t really make these ice skate boots any less harder to walk in:

Dsquared² ice skate booties in black, $1,825.00

Dsquared² lace-up knee-high ice skate boots, $2,360.00

If you’re curious about what you’ll actually be walking on while wearing these ice skate boots, wonder no more — here’s what the underside looks like:

That’s pretty much it really; only three thin blade heels on which to balance your entire body. I know figure skaters and hockey players use protective guards on their ice skates’ blades that look very similar to these heels, but unlike the Dsquared2 boots, they’re not expected to actually walk around on those ice skate blade covers.

Much has already been said about the Dsquared² ice skate boots but look what we found — only THE perfect dress to wear with the Dsquared2 ice skate boots! :

Lover Serpent lace dress, $1,000.00

It can’t get any more figure skating-inspired than this. And with this dress’s thousand-dollar price tag falling in the same range as the thousand-dollar Dsquared² boots , there’s even more reason to believe that they’re a match made in heaven!

What would YOU wear with the Dsquared² ice skate boots?