Lumiani Lexie Back-Strapped Long Fringe Over-the-Knee Boots

November 4, 2011 • By Erika

The riding boot is a perennial style favorite for fall/winter but that also means many riding boots tend to look alike.

Well, we won’t have that problem with these Lumiani Lexie over-the-knee riding boots. With their unique triple back-of-the-knee buckled straps and swishy long fringe accents, these boots set themselves apart from the rest of the riding boot crowd effortlessly and easily:

Lumiani Lexie long fringe over-the-knee boots (Sold Out)

I really just cannot get enough of those buckled straps at the back of the knees on these boots. Over-the-knee boots usually just have a slit or are cut low at that area so I find the style of these slim straps really refreshing!

Although I would cut the long fringes maybe just a wee bit because I find them a little too long for my liking. Otherwise, everything — the color, the height and the riding boot style — is just perfect on these boots.

Another thing to highlight about these boots is its brand, Lumiani. Lumiani is one of the few (but now slowly increasing in number) shoe labels that make wide calf boots, even boasting and positioning themselves as wide calf boot specialists.

The Lumiani Lexie long fringe over-the-knee boots are offered in medium and in wide widths, so wide calf boot wearers, rejoice.