Beyonce Out and About in New York in Alain Quilici Payson Skate Lace-Up Booties

November 5, 2011 • By Erika

If Megan Fox runs errands in nearly 6″-high Christian Louboutin Bianca pumps, Beyonce goes to work in these radically designed 5″-high cutout heel platform booties. She was seen heading back to work on November 1 in the boots you can see below.

Sigh. Clearly, this is only a normal, typical and accepted thing in the everyday life of a Hollywood celebrity (or in Beyonce’s case, a world famous pop superstar).

Beyonce’s shoes are these Payson skate lace-up booties from “born to a family of cobblers” Italian shoe designer Alain Quilici:

Alain Quilici Payson skate lace-up booties (Sold Out)

These shoes are obviously inspired by retro-style roller skates but in my humble opinion, I think these would be better if Alain Quilici was able to incorporate the wheels or the front rubber brakes at least into its design. I mean, Dsquared² was able to use the metal blades on their ice skate boots. Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t be comparing the two boots but it’s hard NOT to when they’re both inspired by basically the same thing and have almost the same design.

Which skate boot would you go for — these Alain Quilici roller skate boots or the Dsquared² ice skate boots?