Stitched Up, Patched Up “Unity” and “Ashbury” Wedge Booties from Restricted

January 3, 2012 • By Erika

I’ve been meaning to write about these two booties for the longest time now, but celebrity boot spots, holiday sales, and the holidays themselves got in the way. Because I waited so long, they have now been put on sale. I guess it’s a good thing that I waited so long then!

The first pair I’d like to put in the spotlight is the “Unity” stitched wedge booties from Restricted.

Restricted Unity Stitched Wedge Booties in Taupe Suede, $59.58 to $118.25 (before: $129.95)

For some reason, I was on a goth-style kick during the holidays. The Christmas season is a strange time to be digging the darker side of things, but the stitched up, sewn-together look of these booties really appealed to me (and so did the similarly stitch-detailed Alexander McQueen horn-heel t-strap pumps). I love how the stitches circle along the sides and, even more, how the stitches run the entire length of the booties’ front and back. The double-buckled straps only add to its “Frankenstein-held-down-on-a-gurney” look. These details look even more macabre on the brown-and-black leather version — you can go to Amazon to check out their fashionably frightful appearance.

The second pair is the “Ashbury,” which is in the exact same style of the “Unity” but manages to look different.

Restricted Ashbury Stitched Wedge Booties in Black/Blue, Brown/Purple, and Natural/Black, $76.44 to $100.05 (before: $109.95)

Isn’t it amazing how a bit of patched up style turns these booties from scary to rustic? The multicolored suede and the zigzag stitches only remind me of a patchwork quilt, completely erasing any likeliness to goth. It is the same style boot though, down to the double-buckled straps, the 1 1/2-inch platform, and the 4 1/2-inch wedge heel.

Both boots have got their own appeal, but which one calls to you more — the Unity or the Ashbury?

You can shop for both the Restricted Unity stitched wedge booties and the Restricted Ashbury stitched wedge booties at Amazon. You can find the brown/purple color of the Ashbury at Heels.