Vintage Meets Modern and Country Meets Rock in Luxury Jones Boots

February 2, 2012 • By Erika

WWD reports that the ankle boots, summer and fall 2011’s most popular boot silhouette, will be taking on a more Western-inspired look for this spring and summer.

In that case, these Luxury Jones boots are way ahead of the trend curve. Nothing can’t get any more Western-inspired than these handcrafted, one-of-a-kind boots, which are all up-cycled from old cowboy boots:

Luxury Jones Boots

The shafts on these cowboy boots are folded down for a more modern style and are then wrapped with leather belts, buckles, fabrics, necklaces, coins, rings, studs, tassels, and all manners of embellishments to create that charming yet cool mismatched look. And when they say that “each boot is different,” they really mean it — not only are the boots and the embellishments vintage, but each boot’s design has its own unique variations and was applied by hand.

The boots in the above picture are from Free People, while the ones in the picture below are from Solestruck. Can you even find a pair of these Luxury Jones boots that look like each other?

Luxury Jones Boots

These Luxury Jones boots retail for $438.00 at Free People, while they’re sold at $399.95 at Solestruck. Quite expensive for cowboy boots (or any pair of boots, really), but unlike most unattainable shoes, at least these Luxury Jones boots inspire you to create your own up-cycled boot. It’s easy enough to fold down the shaft on an old pair of boots and decorate them with belts that you’re not using anymore.

But not everyone has the time, skills, or resources to do that, so these boots are understandably selling out and selling out fast. If you find yourself even just liking a pair, better buy them right away because someone will surely snatch these up quick. Yes, the price may have you thinking twice, but you won’t even blink once you see how well these boots go with skinny jeans, maxi dresses, cutoff denim shorts, and all your other warm-weather staples.