Charlize Theron’s Love of Peep-Toe Booties

February 9, 2012 • By Erika

Charlize Theron’s timeless beauty is one of the most admired, and her simple yet elegant style is one of the most followed.

We here at Boots 4 You can be counted as one of those millions of admirers and followers. The number of times Charlize Theron has been featured both here on our blog and at many of our sister sites can attest to that.

In fact, we’ve covered Charlize Theron so many times that we’ve observed she loves not just boots but a very particular style of boots, peep-toe booties. Charlize Theron loves peep-toe booties so much that she even gets away with wearing them on the red carpet from time to time!

Below are just some of the instances Charlize Theron was spotted wearing open or peep-toe booties. We’ve chosen pictures from as far back as 2010 to show you how much peep-toe booties are part of Charlize Theron’s style and how crazy Charlize is about them.

Charlize Theron arriving at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on April 20, 2010; Arriving at Heathrow Airport in London, England on March 29, 2011; Dines at Nobu in London, England on August 23, 2011

Charlize Theron at the “Rage” video game’s official launch party in Los Angeles, California on September 30, 2011; Arriving at W Magazine’s 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards Celebration in Los Angeles, California on January 13, 2012; Leaving the LAX airport with son, Jackson, on May 22, 2012

Ankle boots and booties tend to shorten the length of one’s legs, but choosing peep toes like Charlize Theron’s helps minimize that. Showing your toes draws the eye further downward instead of just stopping at the leg or the ankle.

Sure, Charlize Theron is also gifted with mile-long legs, but you can see how she further plays them up. You can create the illusion or accentuate your long legs like Charlize by wearing great-fitting cropped skinny jeans with peep-toe booties. The cropped length doesn’t bunch around the ankles and instead creates one long, slim, and flattering line. Dark colors, ankle zips, and ultra-skinny silhouettes are some other great leg-lengtheners.

Charlize also prefers to wear neutral-colored solid basics as her tops, but this is one area you can change; you can put your own take on this style.

Copy Charlize Theron’s cool chic style by starting with her favorite type of footwear. Check out these 10 Charlize Theron-approved peep-toe booties (almost all of them on sale) that we’ve gathered for you:

1. Report Butler Strappy Peep-Toe Booties, $76.50 (before: $90.00)
2. Kors Michael Kors Larson Buckled Ankle Strap Open-Toe Booties, $175.99 (before: $350.00)
3. Fergie Gaucho Peep-Toe Platform Booties, $83.99 to $119.95
4. Jessica Simpson Astery Buckled Fold-Down Cuff Suede Peep-Toe Booties, $109.65 (before: $129.00)
5. Kelsi Dagger Marcelle Buckled Cross Strap Peep-Toe Booties, $81.99 (before: $129.00)

6. Calvin Klein Sallie Buckled Peep-Toe Booties, $152.15 (before: $179.00)
7. D&G Dolce & Gabbana Mesh and Suede Peep-Toe Booties, $369.35 (before: $695.00)
8. Michael Michael Kors Devenport Strapped Peep-Toe Booties, $129.99 (before: $185.00)
9. Joie Ramone Peep-Toe Booties, $147.50 to $151.38 (before: $295.00)
10. Michael Michael Kors Cheyenne Double-Buckled Ankle Boots, $195.00

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