Three New Iron Fist Lace-Up Ankle Boots for a Fun Yet Fierce Style This Spring

March 22, 2012 • By Erika

We can always count on Iron Fist to bring various shoe styles — including fun and playful — to the plate. While everyone else is doing  plain pastels or nudes, Iron Fist is doing crazy prints and loud colors!

And even if shoe labels have started doing floral prints for this spring, Iron Fist still manages to put their own take on this recurring trend. Just check out the floral print on the Iron Fist “Posey” ankle boots. It looks seemingly simple at first, but once you get a closer look, you’ll see that the flowers are actually skulls, crossbones, and kiss marks. Cute, huh? And perfect for non-fans of floral.

Iron Fist “Posey” Lace-Up Platform Ankle Boots, $74.99

If you’re bummed that you won’t be able to wear your staple black ankle boots as much this spring and summer, Iron Fist has a solution for that, too. It has created ankle boots that are made more spring-appropriate by red heart stamps all over, and instead of leather, the upper part is covered in a more warm-weather-friendly black canvas.

Iron Fist “Rip My Heart” Lace-Up Platform Ankle Boots, $69.99

Last but not the least are Iron Fist’s pink mesh-patterned ankle boots aptly named “Hot Mesh.” I love how the print mimics ripped fishnet stockings. These are a little bit more punk rock but still really fun!

Iron Fist “Hot Mesh” Lace-Up Platform Ankle Boots, $74.99

These boots make it really easy for girls with daring styles to keep a fun, fresh, and yet still fierce style this spring, don’t they?

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