Still Longing for the Jeffrey Campbell Litas? Get the Look with the Promise “Magi” Ankle Boots for $100 Less

March 28, 2012 • By Erika

Well, this is interesting. We just wrote about Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale in their Jeffrey Campbell Litas, and then Lita lookalikes came out.

These newly arrived boots at Heels are called “Magi” and are from a shoe brand called Promise Shoes. True to their word and their brand name, Promise Shoes delivers cute and trendy styles at affordable prices. One of those styles is on these “Magi” ankle boots, which give us the look of the super popular Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots for at least $100 less.

Of course, a few style sacrifices had to be made so they could bring down the price. They switched the original suede upper for a distressed synthetic leather. The wooden heel is now just covered with a wood-printed panel, and the heel height has been brought down by about an inch. Also, the boots are now available only in five, instead of a gazillion, of colors.

But those few colors do include the ones spotted on Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale, which are taupe and blue green:

Promise “Magi” Ankle Boots in Khaki, $54.99

Promise “Magi” Ankle Boots in Green

Now, you can get not only the look of the JC Litas but also Vanessa’s and Ashley’s looks if you wanted to! Or you can create your own and go for the following colors of the Promise “Magi” ankle boots instead:

Promise “Magi” Ankle Boots in Gray

Promise “Magi” Ankle Boots in Tan

Promise “Magi” Ankle Boots in Black

These boots are sold $54.99, and all colors are available at Heels. You’ll also find the last three colors for $54.97 at ShiekhShoes.